Drones for Kids: What You Should Know Before Buying

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If you are a lucky parent of 7-8 year old children, they have probably already asked (maybe even begged) you to buy a drone. At what age can you indeed present kids with such gadgets? Will a toy like that cause any harm? Such questions definitely need to be answered beforehand.

Are drones safe for children?

More than anything else, parents around the world are concerned with their children’s safety. With drones, it depends on several factors, among which are:

  • the age of the child;
  • the circumstances in which the kid will be using the drone (i.e. with or without parental supervision);
  • the type and characteristics of the drone.

If your child is 8 years old, you can start considering some models for purchase. Before that age it is too difficult for kids to operate such a gadget properly, which can lead to injuries.

Now there are many gadgets marketed as ‘toy drones’. While these are not technically toys – since all drones constitute quite a serious equipment – they can be a great gift for your kids. ‘Toy drones’ often means ‘8 and up’ in terms of age, but it’s for the parents to decide if their child is ready for such a present.

If you have a kid aged 8 to 12, take a closer look at some types of mini models, which are usually much smaller than standard quadcopters but are still quite suitable for indoor use. With such a gadget, your child can enjoy the thrill of flying a drone without all the obstacles and challenges that come with open spaces.

‘Toy drones’ are often easier to control, making them a good buy for anyone wanting to learn how to control them. Such models have minimal equipment and are characterized by low weight. Normally, they are not equipped with a camera, have a very limited autonomy and flight range. For a kid, this option is the safest and easiest to master.

If you want to buy a more advanced model, it is worth knowing that some of the popular drones should definitely not be classified as toys. In fact, the majority of popular models for fun and leisure are pieces of sophisticated equipment that should be used primarily by responsible older teenagers.


The benefits of flying a drone

Naturally, you might ask: what a quadcopter is going to be for a child – just more fun or something beyond that? Well, flying a drone can be a great pastime that develops superb coordination between hands and eyes, builds up confidence, and improves countless skills.

If you have purchased a drone for your children, you should research and discuss important rules together to ensure the safety of your kids, other people, property, and privacy. In fact, it may be much easier for your child to learn how to fly a drone than it is for you. Kids often prove to be ‘natural-born’ operators because of their fascination with video games, computers, VR, etc.

So what does a kid end up getting out of a quadcopter? Teenagers with a keen interest in aviation may become avid enthusiasts in this field, while for the little ones drones may just be an interesting toy that develops control and spatial orientation skills. This is important to consider, as the price of drones can vary significantly, and you probably don’t want to spend a lot acquiring just a regular toy.

Typical characteristics of a drone for kids

  1. Easily recognizable style. Bright, glowing, sometimes animal-shaped devices with simple controls are for kids.
  2. Protective elements. Models with propeller guards are the best for kids.
  3. Motor power. More powerful are clearly not designed to be used by children.
  4. Battery. It determines how long the quadcopter can stay in flight. Gadgets for kids can fly for about 15 minutes or so, since they do not have large capacitive batteries. For teens, it is better to look for a model that can stay in the sky for at least 40 minutes though.
  5. The size of the gadget. Kids prefer smaller models – they can be launched indoors. For the street, you need larger ones – they have a longer flight radius, and it is easier to monitor large models from afar. In addition, a large drone should be strong enough to lift a camera and other equipment.
  6. Camera. If a child is fond of photography or wants to observe the world around, it is worth taking a closer look at devices with built-in cameras or the capacity to carry one.
  7. In any case, a gadget for a child should have clear, uncomplicated controls, be sturdy, and have optimal functionality for a particular age group.


Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), quadcopters – the devices themselves can be called differently, but their meaning and purpose remain similar. These are complex modern remotely piloted aircraft systems, which have literally flooded the sky recently.

And so, in just a few years, the drone has become one of the most desirable gifts for any child. You may even know people who have already started acquainting their kids with this technology. Owning a drone means you need to be responsible, but it’ll be of really great use and fun for your kid. Also, if it malfunctions, you can turn to professional technicians like the repairsbay.com team.