How to Blog for a Living in 2023

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There are many ways to earn money online without official employment in a large company. These include freelancing, blogging, investing and buying stocks, as well as earning from affiliate programs.

With the help of these methods, you can expect to start earning thousands of bucks a month if you make such an occupation your main job and invest effort, time and money in business development. The online environment provides ample opportunities to create a business, sell goods, provide creative services, engage in freelancing and much more. A lot of successful entrepreneurs have achieved financial success thanks to the Internet and promotion on it.

There are also less labor-intensive ways to earn money on the Internet without investment – for example, banking on viewing ads, earning on entering captcha or registering on websites. This does not require special skills, it is enough to have free time and not get tired of monotonous activities.

Many of the ways to earn money on the Internet require specific skills and experience, but even beginners can start earning online – if not in lieu of the main job, then in addition to it. Blogging or vlogging (video blogging) is one of the most popular options.

How to become a blogger

  1. Choose a topic. A beginning blogger needs to decide on a topic that will be of interest to the target audience and that he or she will be able to find out a lot about. For example, make content about fashion, cooking, traveling or education.
  2. Create content. Regularly publish quality content on your social media accounts. It can be articles, videos or podcasts – the important thing is that your audience can not only get valuable information from them, but also be entertained and feel engaged.
  3. Engage the audience. Use social media, SEO optimization, and other marketing techniques to attract visitors to your blog.
  4. Monetize content. Partner with advertisers, create affiliate programs, sell your own information products and merchandise, or generate income through sponsorships and donations.

Novice bloggers are often advised on what kind of microphones, cameras and other equipment to buy to start developing their business, how to choose a topic for a blog, analyze competitors and pick a launch pad. These are useful tips, but in most cases following them does not guarantee success.

Blogging is fashionable, and to many it looks like an answer to all questions, a fairly easy and smart way to make money, yet that’s not how it is in reality. Being a blogger today means hard daily labor, and, as a rule, it requires investment from the very beginning. Practice shows: thinking that it’s enough to start with a phone and a good idea is usually disproven by real life.

The work of a blogger consists of a number of tasks, functions and operations that many people either do not think about at all, or treat them superficially. In order not to be disappointed and sell the tripod you’ve already bought, you need to start with comprehensive, multi-directional planning.

How to earn from blogging

  • Choose a site to work on based on the parameters and metrics you set.
  • Analyze the audience in virtually the entire blogosphere.
  • Track changing content on a regular basis.
  • Build a portrait of real advertisers.
  • Place advertising on social networks.
  • Form a preliminary affiliate pool among your peers.
  • Find clear answers to legal questions: how to work, how to formalize your activities, what reporting should be, how taxes are paid. You’re likely to need help with the last one. While it is easy to find a good tax accountant in Brooklyn, it can be more difficult elsewhere.
  • Constantly improve your skills. At first it can be done with the help of free courses.

The main risks in blogging and video blogging are related to competition in the market, the possibility of losing the attention of the audience or suffering from changes in the algorithms of search engines and social networks. That is because the maximum income here depends on the popularity and scale of your project.

Among the most typical examples of making money through blogging and video blogging are:

  • Various options of cooperation with brands – for example, advertising of goods/services, ambassadorship, partnership programs.
  • Support from the platform you’re on.
  • Donations from the subscribers you’ve accumulated.


There are many ways to earn money on the Internet, which allow you to work remotely and get paid enough or even more than enough for your comfort. Blogging is one of the most obvious options in this area. Choosing this path, beginners can immediately make it the main job, but in most cases it takes time to get to a stable income.