How to Choose a Computer Chair

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Computer chair is an important element that creates a comfortable and functional working area. Long hours spent at the table can add stress, worsen the condition of your spine and overall health. Limiting fatigue and improving your physical wellbeing is possible with the right computer chair.

Selecting a good computer chair requires correct calculation of various factors: it is important to take into account your height, weight, and the average number of hours spent using the device. Price is also an important variable – it depends on the upholstery materials, additional mechanisms and features.

A quality office or gaming chair should meet a set of demands that would guarantee the comfort of work and leisure. When choosing, pay attention to the following parameters:

The presence of a headrest

A good computer chair removes some of the burden from your spine and allows you to take the right position while gaming, working, doing homework, or simply staring at the screen. The headrest is especially relevant if you spend 4-7 hours at the computer, or even more. The correct position of the head and neck provides better blood flow, the brain thus gets oxygenated better, and you will think better and stay in tone for much longer.

Backrest shape 

The most optimal will be a chair with backrest that is anatomically shaped with a pronounced section for the lumbar region. Some models have a special orthopedic cushion. 

Do not forget not to slouch, for the health of the back is very important, and the good sitting position differs a lot from bad ones. Spread your shoulders, keep your neck straight. Doctors do not recommend reclining completely on the backrest, it forms an unnecessary load on the spine. The lower back should be allowed enough flexibility. A properly selected chair and compliance with these simple recommendations will shield you from any back pains.

Chair base

The base of all computer chairs is a cross with wheels. The pressure of all your weight falls on the crossbar. Respectively, the more your weight, the more reliable the base should be.

When choosing the wheels, you should take into account the surface on which the chair is going to be located. Plastic wheels are preferable for carpeting, for laminates and parquet. Pay attention to the wheels with a rubberized base.


The adjustment system allows you to adjust the settings individually to your needs. You can adjust seat depth, height, armrests, headrest angle.

Upholstery material

Each material has its own pros and cons, let’s evaluate them separately:

  • Leather can be characterized by a long service life, pleasant tactile sensations, and higher price.
  • Leatherette means low resistance to wear and tear, but also affordability.
  • Eco-leather boasts its ecological purity, less demanding maintenance and better wear resistance than that of the leatherette.
  • Fabric is pleasant to the touch, comfortable, does not stick to the skin when it is hot, yet it’s more difficult to care for.
  • Mesh is breathable, elastic, durable and resilient. There is polyester mesh, and an advanced one – made from a mix of polyester and elastomer.
  • Elastomer is elastic, wear-resistant, hypoallergenic, resistant to fungi and microorganisms. It’s used in good ergonomic models to support the back or hips.


It all depends on how you like to sit at the computer. If your elbows would normally lie on the armrests, while hands down to the wrists stay on your table, the most suitable height of the chair’s armrests would be calculated based on the rectangular position of your arms. If the hands lie entirely on the table, while armrests are needed only occasionally, the elbow angle should be 90-120⁰ degrees for maximum comfort. 

The standard height of armrests thus is 6-10 inches, and it is better to consider models that provide you an option to adjust the height anyways. For those who do not need armrests, or just don’t like them, there are models with removable armrests, or no armrests at all.


With these tips and pieces of information in mind it has to be significantly easier for you to pick a proper chair. Remember: it has to be as comfortable as possible. After all, a good chair will make your life better, your work more efficient and your free time more enjoyable. The task then would be not to break it when you get overjoyed. 

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