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Unlike in the United States and most Western markets, U.S. companies cannot rely on patents or trademarks to protect their intellectual property in Saudi Arabia. Rather, most rights must be registered in the country under local laws.


Despite recent progress, several ongoing concerns remain. These include the lack of clear registrability criteria, the scope of the PDPL’s coverage, and the methods for monitoring compliance with the law by controllers outside Saudi Arabia.



In Saudi Arabia, trademark applications must include the trademark itself, a specification of the goods and services it will cover, and the applicant’s details. The application will then be examined to ensure it meets the necessary requirements and is not confusingly similar to existing marks.


The length of protection for a trade mark is 10 years and it can be renewed indefinitely. Collective and certification marks can also be protected. A trade mark application must be filed directly with SAIP. Saudi Arabia is not a member of the Madrid system for international trade mark registration, but it does recognize well-known trademarks.


Patents and industrial designs in the Kingdom can be registered for a period of up to 50 years. Infringement issues can be resolved through mediation, “cease and desist” letters or licensing arrangements. From February 2020, cases relating to copyrights and patents will be handled by commercial departments inside general courts. For further information, please see our IP in Saudi Arabia page.



Any work that has been created and saved in material form is automatically copyrighted if the author of the work is a Saudi citizen or if the work was first published in Saudi Arabia. However, registration for copyright is necessary to have official proof of ownership.


In the case of trademarks, Saudi Arabia is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Trademark Law and GCC Patent Law, which helps harmonize IP practices in the five-nation region. But, registering a trademark in the country still requires filing an application, examination, and publication.

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