Ultimate guide to selecting coloured gemstone

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Gone are the days when diamonds were the most popular gemstone of choice for most jewellery items. People nowadays look for something different and unique when they buy jewellery. Coloured gemstones are a refreshing alternative to colourless diamonds that remained unnoticed for a very long time. However, recently they have experienced a surge in popularity with many celebrities wearing jewellery made of coloured gemstones and inspiring many people to do the same. One of the most popular coloured gemstone jewellery is a beautiful sapphire ring worn by Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales and if you like that ring then you will love the coloured gemstone jewellery.

The greatest advantage of coloured gemstones is the pop of colour they offer. They are ideal for people who are looking for something different and off beat. It’s easy to have a unique piece of jewellery if it has a coloured gemstones because there are so many to choose from. Some of the popular ones are the green emerald, the red ruby and the blue sapphire. Ruby and sapphire engagement rings Hatton Garden are very popular because they are distinctive and stand for love and commitment. Additionally, coloured gemstones are much more affordable than diamonds and are therefore easier on the pocket for those who are looking to invest in jewellery or buy a gift for their loves ones.

Coloured gemstones comes in a variety of hues and therefore give you plenty of colours to choose from. You can also opt for more than one gemstone for your jewellery and mix them to create something exclusive. Several jewellery items featuring coloured gemstones are available in the market today but one must make the choice carefully in order to get a good item.

The most important factor determining the quality of gemstones is the colour. As mentioned before, coloured gemstones are available in a variety of hues and they differ in their saturation as well. For example, emeralds can range from a rich deep green to a lighter opaque green and what you choose completely depends on your tastes. The clarity of the gemstones also plays an important role in determining the quality. They may exhibit certain inclusions when you have a closer look at them but that may just ensure that they are natural. However, a large number of inclusions may affect the shine and colour of the gemstone and therefore having minimal inclusions is desirable.

Another important factor that must not overlook while buying coloured gemstones is the durability. The durability determines the resistance of the coloured gemstone to scratches and damage that comes with everyday use. It is measured by the Mohs hardness scale and the most ideal gemstone that is extremely durable is the diamond. However, the sapphire and ruby come a close second and can therefore be incorporated as a part of radiant cut diamond engagement rings or solitaire rings. These gemstones are almost as durable as diamonds and can therefore withstand everyday wear and tear. However, coloured gemstones such as opal and tanzanite are not as durable and jewellery made of them should be reserved for special occasions only.